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United Colonies of America

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United Colonies of America


The United States was the first out of the colonization gate. It had a large headstart as it claimed the planets of Venus and Mercury, while sharing Mars with China. Small bases on the moons of Jupiter and Neptune were also established as the race to claim the resources of the Solar System enlarged. As the United States contributed to the International Planetary Expansion Coalition, which was now focusing on an international effort to land humans in the Alpha Centuri system, it seeked to secure as much planetary property as possible. With technology designed by the Japanese and funded by American bussiness, the United States was the undisputed leader in the great Colonization Race. When IPEC made contact, everything changed. As wormhole technology was quickly exploited and advances in cloning, robotics, genetics and artifical intelligence leaped ahead in mere years, the Old Earth powers combined resources and populace to carve their place in the stars.


The United States, together with Japan, Mexico and the rest of Central America, Columbia, Canada and the Phillipines, formed a federal government called the United Colonies of America. The UCA would become the first stellarpower and the most powerful in a short amount of time. It would also be the last stellarpower to join Covenant Earth.


Most citizens of the UCA are of Asian, Hispanic or Caucasian descent. The UCA has placed great importance on expansion and most of UCA citizens see the Frontier as the future. The extrasolar colonists of the United Colonies are resilient, independent and patriotic. They are hardy explorers and have gone further in the galaxy then any other human faction. In the mind of other humans and Primes, a UCA citizen is a hardy, isolationist frontiersman. In the UCA English and Spanish are tied for majority langauge while Japanese is a modest second.


The UCA holds Mercury, Venus, Ceres and several Jupiter moons in addition to dozens of orbital colonies. It also holds a number of key Inner Sphere planets in addition to a moderate range of Outer Sphere worlds. A large number of Frontier Worlds are colonies of the UCA.


The Colonial Armed Forces are considerable and very powerful. The Colonial Navy, Army and Marine branches are some of the strongest in the CE.

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