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Outer Sphere

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Outer Sphere


Outer Sphere worlds were settled during the Second Expansion Age, as entrenched and massive human states pushed on further into the galaxy. With incredible technological and economical backing, humanity was able to colonizing a much wider selection of worlds, leading to over two hundred systems settled. Chaebols also placed their mark on Outer Sphere expansion, each company gobbling up several systems for "development".


Most Outer Sphere worlds are stable, somewhat terraformed and sport moderate populations. One or two sprawls may be present on each world, while local economies vary wildly. The phyiscal area of the Outer Sphere is dozens times larger then small number of Inner Sphere worlds clustered around the Sol System. The [http://novoaether.pbwiki.com/People's%20Republic%20of%20the%20Galaxy|People's Republic] owns the majority share of Outer Sphere worlds, followed by the Martian Confederation and then UCA.


A partial list of Outer Sphere planets:





*Jaxon's Landing



*Cintrep IV

*Orson Center

*Far Landing


*Dol Amoriith

*Star's Path



*The Duasmarks

*New Awadh

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