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Most people have implants that let them navigate the Uninet and the Hive. This package of implants are called “life suite”, as they contain everything a human (or Prime) needs in life. A form of high-bandwidth network jack is implanted somewhere in the skin to allow interfacing with the Hive; no wireless technology exists that can handle the Hive’s incredible amounts of data. These are either placed in the skull or located in a forearm. A fiber-optic cable slids into the jack to provide direct simulation. Neural jacks are also required for i-media.


Optic membranes are implanted over the eyes to allow visual accessing of the Uninet and datapools. These membranes glow violet when activated and tiny scrolls of text can be seen shimmering in the eyes. Optronics are used heavily by the majority of citizens as their feed to the Uninet and as their Augmented Reality. They can be combined with any other optic upgrades.


A personal assistant, of varying powers and capabilities, is usually included. These have been termed “pearls” and take care of communications, data processing and memory retrieval. It is basic robotic intelligences embedded into a person's body. It performs the functions of a micro-computer, watch, alarm, newspaper, etc. It mainly exists to help navigate the Uninet, trawling the datapools and pulling up what the user requests. Other implants to increase the pearl's power.


The most important piece of technology is the s-link. The cyberspheres are based off the wireless s-link technology, allowing anyone with a s-link unit to be wirelessly hooked into the local Cybersphere and thus the Uninet. Any computer or electronic gadget that features s-link technology can also be hooked into, functioning as a direct neural link.. However, to enter the Hive, one still needs a hardline.


Anyone who has all these cybernetics, usually sold as Life Suite package, can surf the Uninet, connect to the Hive, trawl for data, communicate to anyone in a cybersphere via audio or visual means, send and recieve data and connect to other computer systems. It should be noted, however, that most systems will use some form of phyiscal UI, as allowing someone to wirelessly connect to systems poses many computer security problems.

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